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Sigma Concept House, Stewart Milne Group

Project No: Offsite 2007
Project: Sigma Concept House
Outline: 4 storey townhouse
Client: Stewart Milne Group
System: Greenflow®
Region: South East
Standard: BS 9251: 2005


Created by the Stewart Milne Group, the Sigma Home was one of the showcase houses at the Offsite 2007 conference and exhibition at the BRE. The event demonstrated how modern methods and advanced technologies come together to deliver higher performing low carbon, sustainable, smarter buildings. It ran from 11 – 14 June 2007, accessible for a further two years at the BRE Innovation Park.


The contemporary urban architecture from the award winning practice, PRP, is a sustainable response to the need for high density living. The timber framed concept house is based on Victorian terraced principles, but embraces the latest technologies such as solar thermal and photovoltaic roof panels, mechanical ventilation, heat recovery and harvested rainwater. Due to its method of manufacture, the Sigma Home is fully constructed in 8 weeks, 16 weeks quicker than the traditional timescale of 24.


The Sigma Home is arranged over 4 levels to minimise the building footprint and to maximise affordability. Moreover, the split level home adopts a semi-open format, which is a design antidote to high density living. Fire sprinklers are key to the Sigma Home design, and form part of the fire engineered strategy which demonstrates to Building Control that the home equals or betters the requirements of Approved Document B. The Homesafe Greenflow® system was chosen due to its increased safety features of assured water supply, and the avoidance of stagnant water: the sprinkler water is integrated with other category 2 plumbing fixtures resulting in water being flushed passed the sprinkler heads when the property is occupied and the plumbing fixtures used. It is crucial to have assurance of supply to the sprinkler heads when they are key to an occupant's means of escape. Our multi-purpose system meets this need.

There is a future option to move to the Homesafe Greyflow® system, which combines with the harvested water in the property. It makes sense to incorporate fire sprinklers into sustainable designs.The home is where the risk is. Sprinkler systems minimise the polluting effects from fire, whether from smoke or from fire service run-off water.They also protect our housing stock which has been costly to create, both in financial and environmental resources.

Please note, the Greenflow® system has been designed under licence for patent GB1132528 and CTM 4632873.

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