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Homesafe helps clients with the sustainable and fire safe design of residential accommodation.


Quality Policy

The Domain and Brand proprietors are H3B Holdings Limited, an Isle of Man based company, Registration Number 111481C. Local Homesafe companies operate in the individual European markets.

The Homesafe Group is proud of its leading contribution to the creation of safer and far more sustainable communities.

Quality management systems govern and drive all that we do, with a required accreditation to ISO 9001:2008. We also require Homesafe companies to have Health & Safety procedures accredited with a registered member of a nationally recognised scheme. In the UK, Homesafe are registered designers and contractors with SMAS, a member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Forum.

Over the years, Homesafe has developed a formidable reputation as innovators, drawing on in-house engineering expertise and strategic collaboration to provide bespoke solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence and on finding the technically and ethically right response to our client’s needs.

In bringing our products and fire sprinkler systems to market, we are mindful of both their enduring sustainability and that of the built environment in which they are installed.  As a consequence, Homesafe is renowned for the following:

Innovation – what we design, others copy.

Sustainability – our systems and processes are designed with the environment in mind.

Safety – our products, systems and services are designed in such a way as to prioritise safety.

Progress – we undertake to continually review and improve our procedures and products.

Challenge – we don’t take no for an answer, and we frequently challenge ourselves, our market place, our suppliers and our industry in our efforts for continual improvement.

To ensure our ethos of challenge, review and improvement remains at the centre of all business activities, and to continue to champion the ethical response to client requirements, the Ho9mesafe Group of companies maintains and operates a Quality Management System, details of which we will gladly share with our clients and partners.

"If all our suppliers were as good as Homesafe, we would have no problems whatsoever."

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